10 Year Celebration

Well … today marks 10 years in business.  Where did the time go?  With such a milestone there is always cause for reflection. Where was I 10 years ago?

– Moving into our studio in Chapel St where we have had the good fortune to remain for 10 years.

– Door knocking like a Turkish rug salesman, hoping someone would look at my folio and give me a job.  Thank you Cox and Buro you gave me a great start.

– Servicing a huge equipment debt – (that hasn’t changed).

– Shooting on 6x12cm roll film backs on a beautifully crafted Linhoff technikardan S45.

– Scanning all our film with an Imacon Flextight Precision II scanner.

– Filing and archiving all our film.

– Endlessly visiting the  Lab.

From a technology stand point life now is quite another story.  We are slaves to the digital era and  spend a large part of our time tied to the computer labouring over file processing, archiving and maintaining enormous catalogues of data.

I have had the good fortune of some fabulous assistants who have all contributed so much to helping me remain in business and overcome many unexpected obstacles on a shoot.  Thank you to:

– Alexandra Yourn my producer and good friend who made starting a business fun and gave so much moral support.  Ali is now a dedicated producer in New York for her wonderfully talented husband Lucas Allen – www.lucasallen.com.au

– Kim Lawler my first assistant who helped me muddle through the beginnings of a professional career.  Kim is an amazingly talented photographer in her own right pursing her own career as an artist and undertaking a PhD – www.kimlawler.com

– Kate Morris who generously came on board to assist and help with administration, all the while establishing and running her own photographic business – www.katemorris.com.au

– Markus Weber – the man who did everything!  Markus never complained despite some very tiring and trying shoots.  Markus now works full time for Spotlight shooting their in house catalogues and remains a most valued friend.

– Viola Nardi – Viola was just an absolute  joy to be around.  She would make light of any situation and was a hard working and dedicated assistant. We lost Viola to the sunnier shores of Sydney where she is making her way to establish her own photographic career – www.violanardi.com

– Katherine Reghenzani – Kat came on board after her father contacted me to see if she could do some work experience.  Straight from high school, Kat embraced tasks with maturity and intelligence.  It was a pleasure to have Kat.  Kat is now a full time school teacher.

– Kelly Gardner – I mentored Kelly while she was undertaking her BA Photography course at RMIT.  She impressed me so much I employed her when she graduated.  Kelly has gone on to establish herself as a beautiful documentary photographer – www.kellygardner.com.au

– Jason Chetwynd-Cox – Jason you rock and you can never leave!

The resounding attribute of all my assistants is that they were all extremely hard working and bastions of support in producing the portfolio of work that I have to date.  Thank you I would not be here without your help.

Last but by no means least I would like to thank the man who gave me my start in photography, the one and only Mr John Gollings.  Assisting John gave me an insight into the craft and processes of photography along with a lot of fabulous experiences

Just to wrap up, a few milestone experiences:

– Most challenging location – Engine room of Casey Arc Swimming Pool.

– Best accommodation pick – Echuca Rivergum Motor Inn whose promo line says it all ‘Spend a night not a fortune’.

– Best luxury shoot – Sofitel Wentworth Sydney followed by Magnetic Island.

– Most challenging obstacle – sensor lighting for dusk shoots – seems that override button is about as accessible as the crown jewels.

– Most mentally tiring shoot – 8 hour – 360 degree (50mm) panorama stitches from 55m crane.

– Longest standing client – Cox Architects – Thank you for your amazing on going support over 10 years from Kangan Batman TAFE to AAMI park.

– Best celebrity moment – Meeting Al Gore – Thanks GHD for commissioning me for the ‘Our Planet’ conference.

– Best helicopter shoot – Melbourne to Lorne with Flood Slicer.

Thank you to Grenade www.grenade.com.au, efront www.efront.com.au and Pyemachine www.pyemachine.com for my facelift – you’re  better than any High Street plastic surgeon.

Cheers to 10 years!

Mt Abang Bali

A little R N R

Lily faces her fears

After waiting painstakingly for  a week of good weather (well perhaps waiting with a cocktail in hand in Bali) we finally got one of those pristinely clear winter days to do some view photography for MAB.  Poor Lily wasn’t aware that I wanted her to come up and approve the lens perspective of the views.  This post is a dedication to Lily for facing her fears, manning up and elevating herself to new heights.  Thanks to Jim from JM Tower Hire for his big truck.




Breaking in 2011

It’s hard to believe that it’s March already and here I am still wishing people Happy New Year.  2011 seems to have kicked off at an almighty pace.  The start of January saw us up in Airlie Beach shooting the new Whisper Bay development for the Marriner Group. This job seemed like it was never going to happen with weather being pretty atrocious at the end of 2010.  We finally got a window of good weather at the start of January and managed these shots just before the cyclone hit.  This was a pretty intense 2 days of seaplanes, cranes and automobiles.  Many thanks to Deven for his unwavering assistance and great boom lift skills in intense heat. This place is a little piece of paradise.







Our Airlie Beach trip was followed by another commission of aerial photography for the talented crew at Flood Slicer – http://www.floodslicer.com.au.  Here are some snaps taken during our transit from Melbourne to Lorne.  Thanks to Will our pilot for the tunes.  Think carefully before shooting on a functioning golf course, we were nearly wiped out by an enthusiastic, yet perhaps not so skilled golfer.









Another of January’s projects, was a cafe shoot for Grenade at Little Mule cafe – http://www.thelittlemule.com/cafe/.  This one was cute and fun!  If you’re near Somerset Place check it out, it’s a little refuge from all the hustle and bustle.





I was invited to contribute to  ‘Artichoke – The making of a Design Magazine’ Exhibition at the Design Institute of Australia.  The exhibition runs from 23 February through to 10 March.  If you’re near Collins St,  check it out.  The 12 year history of the magazine is charted with the help of Artichoke Seat sculpture by Toby Horrocks, twelve contributors, a digital display and a selected Artichoke archive.




A world without Fluro

Some people wish for world peace, others want to save the seals, some want to end global warming… these are big issues with complex solutions. All I want is a world without fluro!  Is this too much to ask?  It should have started and ended with Wham. Fluro vests and white vans are the bain of my existence.  Whether wandering through a shot or reflecting in glass, it seems without fail there is a person in fluro or worse, a person in fluro with a white van.  This fluro overload is reaching crisis point and I am encouraging you all to rebel against this phenomena.   I’m curious as to the momentum behind the fluro overload, has there been a study concluding that humans have lost their ability to caution unless there is some kind of fluro marker?  We must stop this before the world goes completely nuts….ooops too late! There is actually a MySpace ‘Fashion & Style group “dedicated to all lovely persons who want to smash fluro to an absolute pulp”.  Sounds a little aggressive, but hell sign me up!
O.K. enough whinging, that’s my rant to end off 2010.

News Update – Emergency Architects Australia Architectural Photography Auction

I was recently invited to donate a print for the emergency architects australia architectural photography auction. It’s a great cause and proceeds from the auction will contribute to the rebuilding of the Timor Leste Red Cross headquarters in Dili, which was badly damaged during the secession from Indonesia in 1999 and has since remained in disrepair. See www.emergencyarchitects.org.au


Below is the print I contributed taken at the Guggenheim Museum in New York


News Update – Aerial Antics

We’ve had a big year of Aerial photography this year and finished off with the toughest assignment of all – the dusk aerial shot. Attached are some behind the scene’s i-phone snaps and the final result. Many thanks to Chris from the Helicopter Service for his patience and stable hovering.





News Update – Adelaide Fruit Toast

My wonderfully committed and fabulous assistant Jason would be terribly disappointed if I let this post go by without mention of our Adelaide fruit toast experience.  Visualise what you would expect to be served if you ordered fruit toast?  I’ll let the i-phone snap below explain the rest.  Thank you Adelaide for a new take on fruit toast.


It’s been a great year and we thank all our clients for the opportunity to photograph their amazing projects.

Many thanks also goes to my assistant Jason who makes it all happen so easily.  Jason  is friendly, patient and just an all round great guy.

Wishing everybody a very Merry Xmas and a wonderful 2011.