When business and pleasure collide…..

We were very excited this month to photograph the new Designed Blinds showroom in Richmond featuring large backlit material prints from my Cuba trip in October 2009.   A big thanks to Kevin for your on-going interest in my work.  Here’s some pics..




Congrats to our clients who took out awards at the 2010 Victorian Architecture Awards.
Lyons Architects – Harold Desbrowne-Annear Award for Residential Architecture – Lyon House Museum.




Cox Architects – Public Architecture Award – North Melbourne Station




The ACMP has been producing a growing library of mini-documentaries featuring a number of professional photographers. It was fun to be invited to be featured as part of this initiative. You can view the videos at http://www.vimeo.com/channels/acmptv




Who didn’t love Tom Cruise in Top Gun?  Alright, alright, maybe all the girls with a bit of foresight!  Tis a shameful thing to admit these days given his antics of the last few years, but let’s not forget that he was once many a teenage girls dream boat!  This post is dedicated to the joy of flying. Well it’s no F14-A Tomcat and there were no multiple bogeys , but we did have some fun with the Grenade team and the Helicopter Service doing some aerial projects around Melbourne.  Here are some of the results and a couple of Maverick’s to boot!







Congrats to Peter Rad from New York (www.peterrad.com) on his article in the UK Telegraph


The article features a recent prison shoot of Peter’s and makes mention of another project run in NY Magazine where myself and my gorgeous friend Ali appear. Even though Peter claims that the only celebrity present was Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos, I think he must have been so overwhelmed by the celebrity of Ali and I that he forgot to mention us…. Yes that’s us on the far right of frame (o.k. we’re nearly cropped out!).

So how did this come about you ask?  On my visit to NYC  Ali wanted me to meet her good friend Peter Rad, we were meandering the streets of NYC when Ali gave Peter a call and he said he was shooting for NY Magazine but we could pop over.  I couldn’t hear Peter’s side of the conversation but Ali was professing our integrity and that we would not be groupies, then I heard the word ‘Soprano’s’ at which point I assured her we would indeed be happily groupies.  Upon arrival at the location, Ali insisted that we would not be standing around like  shag’s on a rock and in fact be featured in the spread. Alas, the rest is history!

©Photo by Peter Rad – www.peterrad.com

Generosity of spirit

This blog is dedicated to generosity of spirit!

Over the past month our travels and assignments have introduced us to  some wonderfully generous people who have helped us and bestowed their hospitality upon us.

Firstly I must thank Bobbie Lederman who graciously invited us in to photograph her home.  Bobbie is one of those wonderfully amazing women who has an innate kindness about her.  Upon arriving at her home we were greeted with a parking permit to alleviate us of the hassle of having to move our car on the hour (pure bliss for us!).  Bobbie had her home in immaculate order so our job was made very easy.  Once we finished taking photographs Bobbie invited us to stay for afternoon tea that she had prepared in advance for us.   I think the i-phone snap below says it all.  We don’t often get too much down time on jobs and I think Jason’s (my assistant) smile is a good indication of Bobbie’s fabulous baking skills – Oh yes indeed! Did I mention that Bobbie baked a cake for afternoon tea?




Another assignment saw us all the way out in Glenhope for a new job with JOH Architects. Twas a dawn shoot and a 1.5 hour drive, so for us one of those crazily early starts.  Upon arriving at Glenhope we introduced ourselves to Christian who had kindly met us on the freeway and guided us to the property to avoid us having to find the remote property in darkness.  Thanks Christian you’re a champ!  Upon arriving David (the owner) offered us coffee (glee to our ears) and then returned with coffee and jam on toast – we love you David!  Here’s some pic’s that confirm the early start was worth it.



Thanks to Jane & Mat Martino for sharing their Easter Saturday and their gorgeous little boys with us and helping us create some lovely images that reflect the special touches they have made to their fabulous holiday rental ‘Comma Stables’ at Daylesford.  In addition to Matt’s abundant creative talents, he’s also a magnificent sandwich maker.  If the piccies below make you want to be there, you can book a stay at http://www.dayget.com.au –  just look for ‘Comma Stables’.








Another assignment saw us out at Berwick.  Sometimes luck shifts in mysterious ways.  Upon our arrival in Berwick the weather was not being our friend.  We had decided with the client to cancel the shoot, but agreed to spend a bit of time checking out our options for a later shoot date.  During this time the clouds cleared and we couldn’t believe our luck.  This luck was short lived, just as we were about to do our shot a car crashed into a telegraph pole bringing it down and rendering the main st closed.  Traffic was abysmal.  We circumvented things a little and changed our perspective to get the shot and then realised that we could shoot in the middle of the road since it was closed off (see pic below).  What we hadn’t considered was that to the unsuspecting commuter stuck in a traffic jam it appeared as though the road was closed for us to take photographs.   A very frustrated lorry driver abandoned his vehicle amidst the jam to come and complain – funny!






…. last but not least –  I was nominated in the Top Ten photographers  for Architectural Photography in  Capture magazines Australia’s Top Photographers competition.  To see some interesting work and talented photographers – see http://www.austtopphotographers.com.au/yaf-news/architecture

Each year photographers, creative directors and anyone with a vested interest in professional photography can nominate photographers for consideration for the awards.  After nominations close, the nominated photographers then vote for their peers. This is a fabulous opportunity for photographers to be acknowledged by their peers.  I encourage you to keep your eye out for 2011 and nominate those great photographers whom you admire.


Awards Frenzy


It has been an absolute manic start to 2010 and a ridiculously long time since I attended to our blog.  So much has happened since our last post in November, so here’s hopefully a not too lengthy summary.
I was fortunate to be featured in Inside Magazines Issue 58 photographers profile.  Many thanks to the lovely Jan Henderson for a glowing review.


A huge congrats to Ryan Russell for taking out the IDEA Awards – Best Retail Interior for Aesop Doncaster


Another huge congrats to Hassell for taking out the IDEA Awards – Sustainable Project for Warry Street Studio in Brisbane.  It was great to shoot something fabulous on home turf.  Yes I have officially now acknowledged my Queensland roots.


I was excited to receive 2 nominations in the International Black & White Spider Awards.  Thousands of images were received from 68 countries worldwide.  There is some stunning work featured and you can view the 5th Annual Winners Gallery at www.thespiderawards.com/gallery5



We had the great pleasure of doing a wonderful project with the fantastic team at Grenade Design – www.grenade.com.au – Here’s a few of the pic’s





We have been absolutely crazily nuts shooting for the RAIA Awards entries.  A huge thanks must go to my assistant Kelly who has endured the nightmare of dusk after dawn after dusk … on and on for the past month.  I have wined before about summer and dusk but this was a particularly unrelenting year …. and it’s just begun. What we do celebrate today, apart from the fact that it is the awards entry deadline, is that dusk is getting earlier and earlier each week.  YEH!
I promised myself that I would dedicate a blog to celebrate client relationships … and I will at some point cover this in more detail, but here I must make mention of some of the really rewarding client experiences from 2009 & the beginning of 2010:
Thanks to Lyons Architects who have entrusted, engaged, explained and let me grow as a photographer through their encouragement and support.  My work with you has been absolutely inspiring and enriching. It is refreshing to have these kind of committed relationships that evolve and produce, through collaboration, a fabulous visual record.
Thanks to Ryan Russell who keeps giving me amazing work to photograph.  Your work is AMAZING!
Thanks to Ben Buxton at Grenade for giving me the opportunity to shoot a wonderful and creative visual story.  It was a fabulous opportunity and a great experience…and it’s always fun working with your boys.
Thanks to Michael Yates for continuing to support me and let me be part of your exciting developments.  I feel like family!
Thanks to Cox Architects for all the Awards projects.  A special thanks to Rebecca Gaylor for producing the best photography briefs in the business and for just being so lovely to deal with.
Thanks to Rhiannon Slatter (another fabulous Architectural Photographer) who has become a wonderful friend and has been a great support in sharing thoughts, ideas and inspiration.  In what is generally a very disperate and coveted industry, it is great to have a collegue with whom to share knowledge.
Last, but my no means least, we’ve finally launched our stock image website (www.snapestock.com.au) featuring work from Australia’s leading and emerging photographers.  We are excited by the interest and support of the photographers who have come on board and look forward to growing and evolving this site for the Australian creative market.  Happy 2010 here’s hoping good things for all!


Cuban Art

I have sadly just bid farewell to Cuba and all the wonderful Artists and friends we met as part of our travels.  I am writing this post while sitting on the floor of Miami Airport with my laptop plugged into a column (this is cool!).  I am  contemplating the 35+ hours of transiting in order to make my way home (this is not cool!).  Whilst in Cuba, despite language barriers I  did  manage to translate my whinging to all and sundry as my return journey approached.  My Spanish was limited to say the least and their English minimal, yet in spite of this each and everyone I met could name my route home with a shake of the head and empathy for my journey….Havana.. Montego Bay… Miami… LA… Melbourne – very far.

As I sit propped against a column in Miami Airport wondering what frightful things the carpet I am sitting on has seen, I get to observe the angst as flights are continually delayed and overbooked.  The term ‘Stand-By’ seems like a hang over from 80’s airline travel to me, yet in the US it’s seems to be the main means by which the ticketing system operates.  Curiously, whether you have purchased a ticket or not, due to constant overbooking of flights you may very well find yourself on Stand-By.

My sister  Jennette (a Graphic Designer working in Amsterdam – www.dollyrogers.com) and I have just shared a wonderful 10 days together in Cuba. We had the good fortune to ingratiate ourselves into the life of some of Cuba’s emerging artists in Havana.  The people we met were inspiring, kind and extremely generous with their time and knowledge. Rolando Vazquez a teacher at the Havana Art School kindly invited us to visit the school. Jose Manuel one of Rolando’s students invited us into his home, guided us through the city and taught us to Salsa (well he tried!). Milton Diaz Perez a Cuban Architect now artist began our Havana journey and completed it.  To Rolando, Jose and Milton – Many thanks. Here are some images of the time we shared with the artists and their environments.