Architecture Week 2008 – Launceston

I was invited last week to Launceston to do a presentation for Architecture Week 2008.  What a wonderful experience this was.  I must congratulate Alysia Bennett (President SONA) for her amazing job in putting together a fabulous program and Helen Norrie (Lecturer Architecture UTAS) for her endless energy, passion and contribution to architectural learning.  If you’d like to see more exciting initiatives by architectural students check out, the Student Organised Network for Architecture.

This was my first time at the Architecture School in Launceston and it was delightful to experience such a vibrant and creative space in action.  Surely the students in Melbourne and Sydney must be envious of this wonderful institution!  There is an enormous feeling of transparency and openness to the space that enables one to observe the activity as they move throughout the building.  It is populated with models and works in progress strung up and scattered throughout the spaces.

I chose to do a quick shoot for my presentation that represented my immediate reaction to the textural and graphic qualities that architects ‘Six Degrees’ designed to link the various spaces of this large old engineering shed.  This was not a considered shoot driven by an architectural brief, but rather a quick reactionary shoot focused around details that appealed to me.

Celebrating Markus

Who is Markus Weber?
Markus is my long suffering assistant who has endured and survived years of assisting me in producing all of your work.
This is Markus


















Markus is the guy who cleans all the dirty windows … actually he cleans everything
Markus is the guy that carries all the heavy equipment everywhere … including up and down the stairs every day to all the jobs.  If you’ve ever visited our studio you’ll really appreciate what this means.  “Stairway to heaven” doesn’t begin to describe the ascent.
Markus is the guy that moves all the construction bits from all the buildings that are never finished when we have to shoot them.
Markus is the guy that runs around the green buildings at dusk to keep all the lights on
Markus is the guy that stays up until midnight to do a pick up shot because I can’t stay awake..
Markus is the guy that loans me his socks on interstate trips when I have forgotten mine (yes I know this is above and beyond the call of duty..)
Markus is the guy that has to ask the inappropriate looking people to move out of the shots
Markus is the guy that has to ask the appropriate looking people to move into the shots
Markus is the guy that researches all the new bits and bobs in his own time and keeps us up to speed with what is going on in the world
Markus is the guy that pays all the bills and keeps the office in check
Markus is the guy that makes us lunch
Markus is the guy that books us into flashy accommodation that promotes it services with “Spend a night not a fortune”… yes it’s glamorous!
Markus is just wonderful, he is without a doubt the wind beneath my wings and very much an important contribution to making all of your projects end up looking as fabulous as they do.
Markus’s biggest achievement is putting up with me!

International Photography Awards

After 8 years, I finally got around to entering some work into a photographic competition.  I am told I must do this to be regarded as accomplished and credible. Can you believe this? Isn’t it amazing that in a creative field the work cannot just speak for itself but we must be revered by discretionary panels and awarded accolades to be validated.

The beauty of these competitions is the opportunity to see the range of talent and beautiful work from around the globe.  If you’d like to see a fabulous, diverse range of work check out the website and the winners -International Photography Awards –

I received an honorable mention for the following entries:

Bridges – Bolte Bridge Melbourne

skylines – Melbourne Skyline

Buildings – Axa Melbourne

It’s a shame how little spare time we are left with to enjoy the pure pleasure of the art of photography once engaging on a commercial level. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and am thankful that I get to earn a living from it, but I miss the quietness and discovery of simply taking photos for the pure joy of it. No brief, no one to please… just to enjoy.

Holidays – Hip Hooray!!

Well it’s been a crazily busy year and it’s time to rest and refresh so I’m taking a break from 26/9 through to 12/10.  I’m heading to Langkawi (Malaysia) for some relaxation and then to Cambodia for some history and culture.  l look forward to sharing some snaps.   Yes I’m taking the camera, much to my companions distress given my good pal Sel lugged around my tripod last year in Thailand.  This is one of the negatives of being friends with a photographer.  I always seem to try my luck with my traveling companions.  A few years ago when my partner and I hiked Milford Sound in NZ, I insisted on taking an entire camera outfit on the Trek – I mean after all I was going to carry it.  This however meant that my poor partner had to carry all my personal belongings.  I wasn’t too popular on the day of the big incline.   Then there was Nepal, I must say though, Caroline my traveling companion on that hike was very obliging with sharing the load.

Now to some news on the work front….We’ve had a good suite of work published over the last few months – here’s a peek!!  If you’d like to see the full spreads you can check out the published work section on my website.

Saturday in Design

Another Saturday in Design has passed and Melbourne celebrated this event with vigor.  We had the privilege of shooting Universal Design Studio’s fabulous ‘Folding Press’ paper installation at Format Furniture’s showroom.  The piece is constructed of back issues of In Design Magazine, a clever and powerful graphic.  It’s always exciting to watch Art and Architecture come together.   Format Furniture had an amazing entry statement with Tulips lining the pathway to their door.  People were invited to take a Tulip and the city was abuzz with walking Tulips all day.

Below are some piccies: