Tanzanian Road Trip – Arusha to Pangani

I returned to Tanzania  in August 2012 to climb  Mt Meru, go on safari, photograph a kindergarten and share a 2 week road trip with 2 very special mountain guides who helped us summit Kilimanjaro in September 2011.  I hope that our magnificent road trip in some small way repaid Oscar and Isa for all their generosity of spirit and kindness in helping us summit.  Watching Isa and Oscar swim and discover the ocean was certainly one of my personal highlights. Our entire 6 week adventure was an enriching and rewarding journey that is most eloquently told through snapshots.  I am eternally grateful to the friends that I shared this with and all the amazingly generous people we met  along the way.  Now I’d like to share some of it with you.

The roof of the house below is made from oil can lids, brilliant!